what was introduced in December

There are many innovations to be considered in these hours through the release of the new update for LineageOS considering what was announced at this time from the developers through the rollout of December

Let’s analyze at this point all the innovations that were introduced in these days through the new update assured to a ROM as popular as the LineageOS:

  • Full redesign of the application dedicated to recording, based on feedback released during the summer.

  • Added a new tile to LiveDisplay.

  • Fixed the KRACK vulnerability in LineageOS versions 14.1 and 13.0.

  • Updated security patches to November 2017 for LineageOS 14.1 and 13.0

  • Fixed a bug in the lock screen that allowed it to be exceeded by the quick settings. [19659006] The update program supports device unifications: when a device is joined to another, the user will receive the updates directly without manually running the flash of the new build.

  • Added support to the extended NFC (to be enabled in the device, su supported).

  • A whole new page about the best live casinos in Canada

  • Improved the battery icon, now the percentage will also be displayed in power save mode, when the ” Show percentage. “

  • The Calendar app now shows the start and end of the week in the week view, instead of showing the month and year.

  • Gallery application stability improvements.

  • Addition the possibility of making emergency calls without a SIM card, in the countries that allow it.

  • Fixed some problems with the “Install” button, disable During the installation of some APKs

In case you want to deepen the question of its new update of LineageOS we invite all our readers to access the appropriate post published by the developers.