Undesirable calls from 0695550595: wave of reports

Antonio Mele

24 February 2018

It is among the most "annoying" numbers of the last days, now the reports are wasted for the unwanted calls : let's talk about 0695550595 which has now become a sort of nightmare for different users. Yes, because to make the situation very heavy are the calls made at different times of the day, in some cases even late in the evening. The reason is soon explained: on the other side of the handset in 95% of the cases there is no telephone operator, but only a computerized system according to prefissoitalia.it .

The most frequent feedback, in fact , speaks of a signal that is then occupied a few moments after answering the call. The first hypothesis on number 0695550595 is therefore that of the classic sorting for other call centers that could then receive information on the presence or absence of unfortunate users in the home. A practice now quite common and to which we should soon find a remedy

The other scenario is the most "concrete": someone has had the (s) luck to move forward in the conversation and to be confronted with a non-requested financing offer. Far be it from us to label this situation as a potential scam, but as always in these cases the advice is to keep your eyes open and avoid calling back if you find the missed call on your landline or mobile.