the news for Switch users

Antonio Mele

21 January 2018

A new product in the world of videogames is about to enter the market, that is to say Nintendo Labo with which we will be able to touch a kit that will further enhance the experience of using consoles such as the so-called Nintendo Switch .

So let's try to get a more specific idea about the real nature of Nintendo Labo, according to what is It was specified by the same producer during the last hours, also in reference to his link with the Switch:

"With this new product, Nintendo, always synonymous with innovation in the field of digital entertainment, continues in its mission to bring smiles on people's faces. Nintendo Labo kits will enable creative minds of all ages to turn sheets of cardboard into interactive creations called Toy-Con, designed to work with the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con controllers. From a piano to a motorcycle, through a robot and much more, the Toy-Con come to life when combined with Nintendo Switch. As the kits are assembled, you will find out more about the technology that makes them work and even invent new ways to play with the various Toy-Con. "

What will the sale price of Nintendo Labo be? the first news leaked in this sense, we should be around 70 dollars for the Variety Kit, while with the Robot Kit we will spend about 79.99 euros