Scam numbers on Whatsapp, here is the hoax of January 2018

Antonio Mele

January 16, 2018

Apparently these days we will have to deal with the umpteenth chain of recent weeks, in reference to the arrival on the scene of the so-called n humeri scam on Whatsapp . It is a message that warns us of some numbers from which we could receive calls in revenue, but that on balance only creates unnecessary alarmism.

So let's take a closer look at the chain that shows us the alleged scam numbers on Whatsapp, trying to prevent the continuation of the same recognizing the fake news that is in circulation these days here in Italy :

"* Urgent very urgent … * Please switch to all !! ! Do not reply to the following numbers: +375602605281, +37127913091 +37178565072 +56322553736 +37052529259 +255901130460 or any number starting with: +375, +371, +381, +255 etc. etc. You do not have to answer. If you answer you must hang up immediately. You absolutely must not call back. They could copy the list of your contacts in 3 seconds. If you have sensitive data such as bank account data or credit card information on your phone, you can copy them. They call from foreign countries .. +375 It is from Belarus. +371 It is the code for Lativa. +381 Serbia + 563- Valparaiso + 370- Vilnius + 255- Tanzania Also, you do not have to press # 90 or # 09 on your mobile if asked by any caller. This is a new trick to access the SIM card, make calls at your expense and f could make you run into problems with justice. Forward this message to all friends, let's stop them. "

In short, the message regarding the scam numbers on Whatsapp should be ignored in the most absolute way, as it only creates unnecessary alarms. Maybe alerting the sender who evidently did not investigate.