Offers Wind and Tre Italia, important news coming soon

Antonio Mele

27 March 2018

Some offers Wind and Tre Italia that could make the difference could arrive very soon on the market, even on the face of unlimited GB. This is what emerges from a recent interview of Tommaso Vitali, Wind Tre Mobile Marketing Director, at

Let's try at this point to share with our readers a couple of very important steps in the context of the interview in question, regarding the upcoming offers Wind and Tre Italia:

In this way 3 strengthens its position as a leading brand in technological choices and becomes increasingly a reference point for innovative solutions …

"That's right. The brand 3 is always positioned 'without limits' through a search for innovation both in offers and in increasingly technological solutions, such as the top-of-the-range smartphone proposal. A leadership, which the recent choice of unlimited Giga, we are sure, will strengthen ".

For 2018 we still have to expect something new?

" The launch of the unlimited Giga is a breakthrough, which marks a discontinuity with the past. But I can anticipate that, starting in April, we will launch other interesting initiatives for our customers ".

In short, we still do not know what the upcoming Wind and Tre Italia offers will be, but certainly the option that Unlimited GB represents a project on which the new operator is working hard