Many news for Xbox One in 2018: the very first rumors

Antonio Mele

6 January 2018

There are several innovations on the site for Xbox One in 2018, at least according to what has been revealed in these hours. We are talking about a new Fable of Perfect Dark a Force Horizon that could be set in Japan, until you get to a Battle Royale mode in the next Halo.

Words of Klobrille user of Resetera, who has gained good fame in these years. Let's see in more detail what was declared by the same user, that opened really interesting scenarios for those who meet with an Xbox One:

  • I would like to revisit Albion. The name of the project could be Wisdom. To develop it a Study based in the UK. – We know that Playground Games is working on a RPG not yet announced and so it is possible that the title is a new chapter of Fable or more simply a game set in the lands of Albion.

  • I would like to play with the lady " Dark ". They will not be alone but The Coalition could collaborate in the realization of a third-person game. – The reference to the well-known Perfect Dark franchise is clear and Rare has almost finished the work on Sea of ​​Thieves. The game, according to Klobrille, will be in the third person and the project seems to fall also The Coalition

  • I would like to play Forza with the rising sun on the horizon – A Japanese setting for Forza Horizon 4

  • I would like to play in online matches with many players in the biggest Xbox franchise. – Halo is undoubtedly the most important series of Microsoft and most likely 2018 will be the year of the new chapter. 343 Industries, considering the success of PUBG, could think of a perfect style of Battle Royale.

In short, no certainty and only rumors to be taken for what they are, but scenarios that could be configured for Xbox One they are really interesting in a very short time.