Bufala Facebook on the Naples metro and non-compliant trains

Antonio Mele

11 January 2018

Check out these incredible hours bufala Facebook about the metro Napoli according to some insiders, the protagonist of an incredible design error. The sources have in fact talked about carriages not suitable to take the tunnel designed

Regarding the bufala Facebook on the metro Naples, in any case, it is essential to examine the official note of ferrovie.it in particular with a glimpse that makes us clear the nature of the fake news:

"For some days and especially after an article on line 6 I read a tunnel too narrow and trains could never pass. Let's clarify once again: the tunnels of line 6 are commensurate with the width of the trains, both those already in the availability of the Municipality and those object of the next supplies. Moreover, the trains of line 6 circulated regularly from 2007 to 2013 and those subject to the next supply have the same width as those currently supplied. Trains provided by 25 meters, remember, on which they are already underway, thanks to the intervention of this Administration, the necessary maintenance interventions. "

In case you want to deepen the bufala Facebook on the metro Napoli we refer to the press release of ferrovie.it available in this page with all the clarifications of the case for the public.